Rapid Application

Enabling the Internet of Things COIL™ is a Sensor to Server development platform that enables rapid application development of Internet of Things applications. We developed Tesla COIL from our experience managing sensor to server systems. We found that many systems have common requirements including:
Rapid Fire™ Packet Engine processes messages to/from Sensors & Gateways
Data Warehousing - stores received data for analysis and display
Extensible Data Support - allows configuring new parameters via web interface
Device Management - enables troubleshooting and configuration of remote devices
Flexible Rules - alert users when a condition (e.g. low battery) is met
User Control - supports thousands of users with multiple levels of permissions
Customizable Permissions - allows you to customize what users are allowed to do

Packet Engine At the heart of COIL is the Rapid Fire(TM) packet engine. This receives messages from sensors and gateways and extracts the relevant information from each packet and writes it to the database. The packet engine also replies back to the devices with control commands.

Customization COIL is extensible, easily allowing users to create their own parameters. Users can specify the name and type of the parameter (e.g. Humidity) as well as how they would like that parameter displayed. This flexibility makes it easy to develop an application without having to write more code.

User Management COIL has a powerful and flexible user management system. Users may be assigned one of five different user types from a basic view-only set of permissions to a Super-User who can configure the system.

Deployment Model COIL is deployed as a hosted solution and can be set up quickly and easily. We've partnered with Amazon Web Services for hosting the system to provide a solution that is:
Low cost - Hosting costs are among the lowest in the industry, minimizing the cost of deploying your system
Robust - We use redundant features such as failover and multi-zone availability to ensure that the system stays up and running
Scalable - Whether you are looking to support just a few hundred devices or a few million, we can scale the system up or down as required

Pricing Model Most device cloud providers want to nickel and dime you for everything in the system. We're a little different. Customers love our simple pricing model which consists of a flat monthly software license and the cost of the AWS hosting. This model allows us to create a solution based on your needs without any billing surprises at the end of the month. Our software license cost is the same whether:
Devices transmit once a second or once a day
You wish to store your data for one week or one year
The flexible nature of AWS hosting allows us to provide a system that meets your needs without over- or under-provisioning. We can start with a small deployment and increase resources as your needs grow.

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