The Internet
of Things

Tesla Controls provides products and services to make the Internet of Things a reality. We offer electrical engineering services as well as software and hardware products to assist your development. Our team has many years of experience designing Sensor to Server systems and we can help you develop your application.

Professional Services Backed by deep experience with the Internet of Things, we provide system engineering as well as hardware, software, and firmware design services. We have designed products for the healthcare, motion picture, fitness, and industrial markets.

COIL™ Development Platform COIL is a fully hosted Sensor to Server development platform that allows you to easily develop your IoT application. It allows you to interact with your sensors and easily create a custom application without wasting time on the "plumbing" parts of the application.

Hardware Products Tesla Controls has designed several hardware products which are available for license including an IEEE 802.15.4 module, Zigbee to Ethernet Gateway, and lighting control system.